Our commitments

To achieve our objectives, we are committed ourselves to:

For clients

  • Providing the qualified and professional consultancy services ;
  • Providing innovative and effective consulting solutions customized with specific conditions of each client and deliver value and benefit to our clients ;
  • Accompanying and assisting our clients to achieve their objectives ;
  • Absolutely complying with confidential principles to protect our clients’ information ;
  • Presenting professional manners in any case where Mekong Counsel performs as our clients’ representative.

For our team

  • To always appreciate properly and treat our employees well ;
  • To offer opportunities for improving professional expertise ;
  • To encourage our staff to develop their personal capacity, personal skill and spirit and reach personal goal and the peak of his career ;
  • To build a dynamic work environment and to cooperate for long term because of common success.

For community

  • To call more and more investors to invest in Mekong Delta contributing to the development of this potential area ;
  • To offer suggestions to competent authorities in order to improve the investment and business environment with more advantages for enterprises ;
  • To contribute a part of our business result to develop a better community.
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