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Circular detailing some regulations on issuance of Construction Permit

On December 20, 2012, the Ministry of Construction issued Circular No. 10/2012/TT-BXD detailing some contents of Decree No. 64/2012/ND-CP dated September 04, 2012 of the Government on issuance of Construction Permit. Accordingly, Construction Permits issuing to works not following line, works following line, works by stage, works of a project, individual housesin urban areas, individual houses in rural areas, for repair, renovation of works, individual houses, relocation of works, Construction Permit temporarilyissued to works and individual houses shall be detailed.


- Dossiers for issuance of a Construction Permit to each case as set forth above together with other documents of the dossiers for issuance of a Construction Permit, dossiers for amendment of a Construction Permit shall be detailed. Depending on the scale, nature and location of building works, individual houses, the agency issuing the Construction Permit shall consider and send the dossiers to state competent agencies in relevant fields for comments if the works are subject to requirements as regulated.


- Provincial People’s Committee shall issue detailed procedure for issuing Construction Permit in line with the local characteristics and situation and post the procedure to the public at places receiving dossiers.


- Agency to issue the ConstructionPermit: Provincial Department of Construction shall issue Construction Permit to works of special level, level I, level II; religious works, historical – cultural relics, monuments, murals which have been classified under their respective administrative boundaries; works on main routes of the city as regulated by the Provincial People’s Committee; works under FDI projects; works under other projects and works as authorized by the Provincial People’s Committee.

District People’s Committee shall issue Construction Permit to other works and individual houses in urban area, including individual houses in the areas having been recognized as conserved by the State under their respective administrative boundaries.


Remarks: File attached.


This Circular shall be effective from February 06, 2013.