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Decree on quality management of construction works

On February 06, 2013, the Government issued Decree No. 15/2013/ND-CP on quality management of construction works. Accordingly, surveying, designing, construction, and inspection and acceptance of construction works must be carried out by order, responsibilities of investors, construction surveying contractors, designing contractors, construction surveying organizations and individuals,... and of construction works warranty of the parties shall be detailed.



Safety management, handling of incidents during construction, operation and use of the construction works shall be regulated as follows: when an incident arises investors must firstly make short reports on it to the communal People’s Committee where the incident occurred and the superior agencies, simultaneously use corrective measures in a timely manner to settle the incident, hold an evaluation of the causes and make dossiers of such incident.



This Decree shall also define the State responsibilities for the quality of construction works of organizations of the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Construction, People’s Committees,...



This Decree shall be effective from April 15, 2013.