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Decree on registration fee

On June 17th, 2011 the Government issued Decree No. 45/2011/ND-CP on registration fee. Accordingly, registration fee applicable to automobiles below 10 seats (including the driver’s) shall be adjusted from 10% to 20%; specific rates shall be regulated by the People’s Council of the Province, City directly under the central in accordance with the actual conditions of each locality. Registration fee rates applicable to other cases shall remain unchanged as previously regulated. 


   The price for registration fee calculation which has together been regulated shall be the price issued by the People’s

   Committee of Province, City directly under the central instead of various methods for registration fee determination as

   previously regulated.


   In addition to subjects as previously regulated, plane is supplemented to bear registration fee upon registering the

   ownership right, use right at the competent authorities; the registration fee rate applicable to plane shall be 1%. As

   a result, the list of new subjects subject to registration fee shall consist of 08 subjects. 


   This Decree shall come into force from September 01st, 2011.