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Investment consultancy services

Investment consultancy service is one of our key services, which has efficiently support investors, especially foreign investors, in the deploying stage to operate the project. Our investment consultancy services include:

Researching and investigating investment market;
Thanks to well-informed about the local market, Mekong Counsel shall support the investors to collect the market information upon investors’ requirements, to appraise and analyze the data, assisting the investors to make investment decision. This service is really useful for investors due to the obstacles of approaching local market as a foreign investor.
Preparing feasibility study, analyzing and evaluating the efficiency of investment projects;
Feasibility study is not only to help investors in appraising the feasibility and efficiency of the projects but also a necessary document enclosed in investment dossiers in Vietnam, especially for foreign investors who invest in Vietnam for the first time.
Mekong Counsel shall assist the investors to prepare the feasibility study in accordance  with law on investment of Vietnam; analyze and evaluate the efficiency of the investment project as well as investment options so that the investors could choose the optimal project in corresponding with their conditions and abilities.

Carrying out investment and post-investment procedures;


For this service, Mekong Counsel shall:

Advise the investors on regulations relating to investment fields, business lines so that the investors could be entitled to optimal favor or benefit from each investment field.
Assist the investors to promptly carry out the procedures on registration for /appraising issuance of investment certificate and to complete the post-investment procedures in order to ensure the projects will comply with investment regulations and be promptly operated in Vietnam.
Advising on transfer and assignment of investment projects and advising to deploy such projects;
Mekong Counsel has the resources of projects called for investment which are set up and collected from investment idea of Mekong Counsel, Mekong Counsel’s clients and from investment projects called for investment in Mekong Delta by local competent authorities among which have been conducted market survey, prepared project investment and feasibility study.
Subject to the investors’ requirements, Mekong Counsel shall implement the research, analysis, evaluation and report the results to the investors; provide package consultancy services including carrying out legal procedures to the detailed plan on deployment and operation of the investment project.