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Procedure for bidding for treasury bonds at the State Bank of Viet Nam

On August 17th, 2012, the State Bank of Viet Nam (“SBV”) issued the Procedure No. 5249/QT-NHNN for bidding for treasury bonds at SBV. Accordingly, participants shall be issued a password, an electronic signature and a permission to join the bidding for treasury bonds after satisfying all conditions for bidding for treasury bonds.


The members shall base on the expected yearly schedule of issuance of the treasury bonds of the State Treasury which shall be published by the Exchange Service of SBV on the website of SBV in two forms: bidding by competitive interest rate and bidding by non-competitive interest rate combined with competitive interest rate; and by two methods to define the bidding result: single-price bidding and multiple–price bidding.


The procedure for bidding shall include: (1) Publishing Notice of Bidding; (2) Making bidding registration; (3) Sending bidding registration cards; (4) Opening the bidding and closing registration; (5) Decoding, cheking the validity of the bidding information and compiling data; (6) Considering the bidding and determining the bidding result; (7) Paying for the treasury bonds and punishing for late payment; (8) Registering and depositing the treasury bonds.


The members must: (1) Send their bidding registration cards (under a set form); (2) Make bidding registration via the transaction software of currency market system; (3) Pay for the treasury bonds to the account as designated by the State Treasury.


This Procedure shall be effective form date of signing and supersede Procedure No. 1872/QT-SGD dated September 15th, 2004 of SBV providing professional guidelines on bidding for government bonds at SBV.