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Mekong Counsel always offers open positions for candidates who graduate in law, economics (finance, accounting, foreign trade, business administration...), are good logical thinking and analysis, fluent in English (speaking and writing), has ability to work independently, love to explore, research, progressive spirit and enthusiasm to develop his career. 


If you meet the above criteria and wish to join in Mekong Counsel team, please send your curriculum vitae (CV) to us at contact address at this site, we will contact you if your records are appropriated for Mekong Counsel’s requirements.


We welcome you to join in and develop your career at Mekong Counsel. At Mekong Counsel, we commit:


To build a dynamic work environment and to cooperate for long term because of common success;
To offer opportunities for improving professional expertise;
To encourage our staff to develop their personal capacity, personal skill and spirit and reach personal goal and the peak of his career;
To always appreciate properly and treat our employees well.